The Christian Cupboard is a non-profit organization which provides food and other basic need items to those living in Guadalupe County, Texas. Founded in December 1991

Company Overview

Over the years the churches were often asked to provide food assistance to area individuals and families. In 1991 these requests had reached such a volume that a need for a central, coordinated agency became obvious.

A group of concerned women, wiith the blessing of the local Ministerial Alliance, formed an organization that they named the Christian Cupboard. From a humble beginning in a borrowed house, the Cupboard moved to its present 2,100 square foot facility in 1998. In 2004, as part of its Centennial Celebration, the Seguin Rotary Clubs purchased the structure as a gift to the Cupboard.

Our Impact

Our name reflects our Christian values, but the Cupboard operates independently of any religious organization and provides support to all regardless of race or creed. The facility is open Monday through Thursday and on the first and third Saturdays of each month from 9:00AM to 12:00 Noon.

Individuals are interviewed and need (e.g., income and size of family) is established using published criteria. However, these criteria can be waived when necessary and nobody in need is turned away.

Food is issued based on the size of the family. In general, enough food is provided to support the family for two weeks (if efficiently managed). The Pantry is unique in that it provides fresh provisions (meat, margarine, milk and eggs) in addition to dry goods and canned items.

The number of needy supported has increased steadily over the years. In 1997 (the earliest year for which data exists) the Cupboard provided support for about 4,000 individuals. In 2010 this number was over 29,000.

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